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Würth family celebrates life of company founder

Last month saw the 100th anniversary of the birth of Adolf Würth, founder of the Germany-based technology materials group of the same name. Now his son, Reinhold Würth, who has grown the business into a global $12.5 billion entity, has spoken about the role of his parents in shaping the company.

Described by his son as "straightforward, marketing and sales-oriented," Albert founded the business in July 1945. "My father had a friendly relationship with his colleagues and liked to get together with them to celebrate over a glass of good wine," recalled Reinhold, chairman of the supervisory board of the Würth Group's Family Trusts.

However, tragedy struck just two years later when Albert died -  the sudden death pushing 19-year-old Reinhold to take over the company management in 1954.

Consequently, his mother's role was crucial. "The Würth Group would never have come into being without my mother's typical northern German straightforwardness and resolute way and my father's loving guidance," said Würth.

Reinhold says his father was the most important role model in his life – in part thanks to his desire to include him in the business processes from the very beginning. "What still lives on in me is his creative travel urge and above all his uncompromising sales and customer orientation," he concluded.

Selected guests were invited to the company's HQ in February to remember the founder and inaugurate an exhibition about Adolf Würth.

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