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Tell us your impact investing attitudes in new Campden Wealth survey

By James Beech

Campden Wealth is calling for your insights in a new survey on impact investing for the 2021 edition of its leading research report Investing for Global Impact: A Power for Good.

The survey launches today and gives family members, executives, investors and advisers the opportunity to share their attitudes to the dynamic, estimated $715 billion impact investing market.

Campden researchers will be studying all aspects of how the world’s wealthiest individuals, families, family offices and their foundations generate positive outcomes with their capital, with special focus on the environment and climate change.

“Impact investing has become an increasingly hot topic within the family office sector," Dr Rebecca Gooch, director of research at Campden Wealth, said.

"Not only are traditional investors rapidly adopting impact, but existing impact investors are quickly expanding it across their portfolios. In fact, the impact investors we surveyed last year expect their allocations to impact to nearly double by 2024, from 20% to 35% of their average portfolios. In turn, this is an important growth area to watch out for.”

Campden Wealth produced its first edition of the Investing for Global Impact: A Power for Good in 2020 in partnership with Global Impact Solutions Today (GIST) and Barclays Private Bank. Data for the study was collected from more than 300 respondents from 41 countries, with an average net worth of $876 million and cumulative net worth estimated at $264 billion. Case studies with prominent investors and philanthropists also featured.

The 2020 report found:

  • High net worth individuals, families, family offices, and foundations plan to increase their allocation to impact investing from 20% of their portfolios in 2019 to 35% by 2025
  • A quarter (27%) of all investors expect to move to more than 50% invested for impact within five years
  • Nine-in-10 (87%) investors say climate change influences their investment choices, while more than half (52%) view climate change as the greatest threat to the world
  • Seven-in-10 (69%) say Covid-19 has affected their views of investing and the economy, while 66% say it is likely to broaden their risk assessment to include more environmental, social, and governance (ESG) factors

Investing for Global Impact: A Power for Good 2021 will be published in September 2021.

Click here to complete the survey.