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Reyes and Sourapas families form joint venture

Reyes Beverage Group and Crest Beverage Company, two family-owned businesses, have announced that they are forming a joint venture to consolidate their beer distributorships.

The transaction, which is expected to be completed in June 2009, streamlines Reyes' Mesa Distributing with Crest. The two companies specialise in distributing MillerCoors beers in and around San Diego.

Reyes Holdings is one of the largest privately-held businesses in America with annual sales of nearly $10 billion. The Chicago-based food and beverage wholesaler has three business units: The Martin-Brower Company, Reyes Beverage Group and Reinhart FoodService.

Mesa Distributing is a division of Harbor Distributing, a Reyes Beverage Group company, whose president is family member Thomas A Reyes. The subsidiary distributes beers including Miller Lite, Heineken and Guinness.

Crest Beverage Company is a privately-held business owned by the Sourapas family since 1956. Steven Sourapas Jr will be president of the new joint venture company, to be named Crest Beverage.

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