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Philanthropy website hits €1.9 billion funds in postings

A new website ( aimed at bringing ultra high net worth philanthropists and worthy causes together has hit €1.9 billion (£1.5 billion) funds in postings since launching nine months ago.

Established by philanthropist Alec Reed (pictured), the founder of Reed Recruitment, the site allows charities to list projects that need funding of €6,300 upwards. Around 4,400 charities are currently using the site to promote 3,650 projects.

Alec Reed established the website through his Reed Foundation so that UHNW donors and family offices could search for charities and causes anonymously.

The Big Give helps donors search quickly and discreetly for charitable projects in their field of interest and aims to initiate the conversation between donor and charity, who are then able to continue the relationship on their own terms.

"It looks as though we have chanced upon a gap in the charity market and will turn the priorities by empowering donors to become proactive in looking for worthy causes rather than the traditional approach of charities sourcing the wealthy," said Reed. "This should result in reducing charities costs and helping them to concentrate their resources on thoughtful programmes. "

It is unknown how much the site has actually benefited charities due to its anonymous nature.

With over 4,000 charities posting projects worth €1.7 billion in its first nine months of operation, The Big Give is the first stop for any individual or organisation interested in giving intelligently.

Potential donors can search the globe by charities as well as projects, and can look for recipients of donations from €6,300 to €1.25 million.

"We want to make The Big Give the first step for any donor looking to give intelligently. Our 30-strong board of philanthropists helps us tailor the site to let donors find new charities and projects more effectively," said Reed.

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