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Perdue shows how family business values breed success

Jim Perdue, the third-generation chairman of US poultry company Perdue Inc, has highlighted how family business values have enabled his business to become such a consistent success.

"In setting our goals, we focus on people, products and profitability in that order," said Perdue, who was awarded an International Leadership Award in February for his management of the $4.6 billion business. Perdue's business acumen is to be celebrated next week when he receives the award, which recognises "decades of sustained and exemplary global leadership."
Perdue (pictured) has worked in the family business, founded in 1920 by his grandfather, since 1983 and has served as chairman since 1991. "You've got to continuously improve. I'm so proud to say that tradition really does continue to this day," said Perdue.
"Under Jim's leadership, Perdue Farms has shown financial strength, innovation in environmental stewardship and community outreach, and is a model of successful Maryland enterprise that continues to thrive in these tough economic times," said Governor Martin O'Malley.
Celebrating its 90th year in business, the company has grown from a small farming business into an international concern with sales of $4.6 billion and, according to Perdue, that is due to the focus on long-term benefits over the desire for short-term profits. "At Perdue, quality goes beyond products and services, It is the measure of our character," he said. 

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