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Paul Newman’s philanthropic legacy to be maintained after death

Newman's Own, the company started by actor and philanthropist Paul Newman (pictured), who died last Friday, has pledged to continue to donate all profits to charity through the Newman's Own Foundation.
Since it started, Newman's Own has generated over $250 million for thousands of charities worldwide. Its motto, "Shameless Exploitation in Pursuit of the Common Good," was defined by Newman from the moment he founded the business with his friend AE Hotchner in 1982.
"We will miss Paul, but we will honour his vision for the common good through dedicated stewardship of his company that will perpetuate his philanthropic legacy. Paul wouldn't have it any other way," read a statement on the Newman's Own website.
It is thought that his daughter Nell Newman, who runs the Newman's Own Organics spin off, will take over as head of the main business to ensure this legacy is maintained.
In September last year, Newman kindly gave one of his last ever interviews to Campden FB (formally Families in Business) in which he said that he concerned himself with the bad luck that some children have, and spoke of his feelings on wealth and philanthropy.
"I just don't see how [wealthy individuals] can avoid extending their hands out to those who are less fortunate than they are," he said. "I think it just goes with the territory – what else would you do with it?"
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