New surgical, nanofiber, sight-saving and robotic solutions at MedTech Investing Forum

By James Beech

Cutting-edge venture stage innovations for chronic diseases with billion-dollar market potential will be presented to private investors at the Campden Wealth 31st MedTech Investing Europe Forum on 21-22 September, 2021.

MTI is the longest running healthcare investment and partnering forum on the continent. MTI gathers a dynamic range of breakthrough healthcare and life science firms seeking investment and partnerships with ambitious global private investors and specialist investors from venture capital and corporate giants.

Maurice Berenger is the chief executive of CardioRenal.Among the dozens of presenting companies confirmed for the exclusive forum, CardioRenal aims at improving the treatment of major chronic disease for patients staying at home. With CardioRenal solutions, doctors will be able to optimise drug treatment of heart failure and chronic kidney disease of patients where they live.

Maurice Berenger (pictured right), chief executive, said CardioRenal makes home blood analysis by patient possible, then the powerful CardioRenal cloud platform analyses generated patient data and issues treatment optimisation recommendations for doctors.

“During MedTech Investing Europe, we are looking to close our first financing round of €3 million ($3.5 million), after having spent more than €7 million ($8.2 million),” Berenger said.

“We are also looking to establish connections with corporate partners for future distribution in the United States and Europe.”

Almog Aley-Raz is the chief executive and vice president of R&D at CorNeat Vision.CorNeat Vision Biomimetic Implants and Technology addresses unmet medical needs in diversified therapeutic fields. The Israel-based company’s 100% synthetic and nondegradable patented material platform seeks to displace the use of tissue and degradable biological scaffold in a variety of surgical procedures.

Almog Aley-Raz (pictured left), chief executive and vice president of research and development, said CorNeat Vision has four products under development in ophthalmology and periodontology, two are already in clinical stage.

“Our IP extends to additional fields,” Aley-Raz said.

“Our flagship product is a game changing self-integrating artificial cornea that already enabled blind people who had no chance of seeing again to regain sight following a relatively short procedure.

“We are looking to meet impact investors who will partner with us to exploit the full value of our technology, harnessing its power to make this a better world.”

Judith Heikoop is the chief executive of IME Medical Electrospinning.IME Medical Electrospinning has developed high-tech industrial equipment to bring high-quality nanofiber-based medical devices to market. These devices will challenge the status quo in the medical device industry for a wide variety of applications.

The Dutch company said undesired responses of the human body to traditional products, such as inflammation, rejection and scar tissue formation, will become history.

Judith Heikoop (pictured right), chief executive, said using IME’s high-tech industrial equipment and application knowledge, medical devices will be created that help the human body to heal itself.

“During the MedTech investing conference we would like to establish connections with investors with a long-term view and who are keen to contribute to a paradigm shift in the medical device industry,” Heikoop said.

“This requires trust in the game-changing potential of nanofiber technology as well as courage and a strong network of key stakeholders.”

Prof Sir Peng Khaw is the founder and director of Radiance Therapeutics.Radiance Therapeutics is commercialising a sight-saving medical technology with compelling clinically proven superiority outcomes in glaucoma surgery—significantly fewer patients go blind.

Prof Sir Peng Khaw (pictured left), the founder and director of Radiance Therapeutics, developed the therapy at University College London and the renowned Moorfields Eye Hospital. Sir Peng was knighted by HM Queen Elisabeth II for his contributions to glaucoma surgery.

Dr Laurence Marsteller, co-founder and chief executive of the US-UK based company, said the Radiance Therapeutics team is looking forward to meeting prospective investors who are seeking a double bottom line at MedTech Investing.

“Radiance Therapeutics is committed to delivering this technology to market, to make a profound difference to patients suffering with glaucoma and to provide a profitable exit for our investors commensurate with the product's therapeutic importance,” Marsteller said.

Edouard Fonck is the co-founder and chief executive of VeoSource.VeoSource, a Swiss research and development medical company, aims to protect patients undergoing minimally invasive aortic valve replacement, an intervention is expected to soon become the number one cardiac procedure in a market potentially worth $1 billion.

Current marketed embolic protection devices are only used during the procedure and do not protect adequately all major arteries irrigating the brain, the company said. Consequently, 1-in-12 patients will suffer from a stroke within days of a valve replacement surgery.

Edouard Fonck (pictured right), co-founder and chief executive, said VeoSource's first product is a temporary embolic protection device for use during and immediately following the intracardiac procedures to prevent embolic material from traveling towards the cerebral circulation, protecting patients fully following the surgical procedure.

“We are looking forward to being at the MedTech Investing Forum to find experienced investors to support our next clinical phase, to change the path of stroke,” Fonck said.

Dr Lucia Lencioni is the co-founder and chief executive of Wearable Robotics.Wearable Robotics, based in Italy, brings the first bilateral and virtual reality powered robotic exoskeleton into the neurological rehab market, addressing and impacting the quality of care and therapies for millions of patients suffering from stroke, brain injury, Alzheimer’s and spinal cord injury.

Dr Lucia Lencioni (pictured left), co-founder and chief executive of Wearable Robotics, said the MedTech Investing Forum will be the “perfect stage and will have the perfect audience” to show the incredible leap forward that her company’s robotic system—ALEX-RS—provides to improve patients life.

“ALEX-RS is already used successfully in several significant clinics throughout Europe, generating revenues in the range of €3 million ($3.5 million) since its pilot launch 24 months ago,” Lencioni said.

“The company is Ebidta positive and is now seeking funding to scale production and commercial operations in order to bring its products to a larger number of clinics globally.”

The eagerly-awaited MedTech Forum returns in-person to Lausanne, Switzerland on 21-22 September.

Mounira Ruma, commercial and investment partnership manager at Campden Wealth, said: “The investment opportunities selected to meet and pitch our community of investors are outstanding in their approach to solving real challenges that patients and physicians have been struggling with and also demonstrating how healthcare investment opportunities do not have to be a choice between treatment effectiveness, cost efficiencies and high profitability.”

To find out more information and to register your attendance, visit MedTech Investing Europe Forum.

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