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New iPhone app launched to support family businesses

By Giulia Cambieri

A new iPhone application aimed at helping family members and professionals to deal with the main issues facing family businesses, such as wealth management and succession, has been launched.

Business Families Foundation, a Canadian organisation that supports family businesses worldwide, said the free app allows instant access to the organisation’s collection of educational videos and audio clips. As well as wealth management and succession, the clips tackle leadership and feature interviews with family business advisers and next-gens.

“Technology changes the way we connect with business family communities,” Philippe and Nan-b de Gaspé Beaubien, who founded the Montreal-based non-profit organisation, said in a statement.

The app follows a three-part online course on how to run a family business and the release of a similar application for iPad devices, both launched in November.

When released, BFF president Pascale Michaud said: “We wanted to create a highly spontaneous educational user experience... These videos help build awareness of important challenges facing business families, inspire them in their leadership roles, engage them in family governance education, and also act as a neutral conversation starter on sensitive governance issues."