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New family member elected to Carlson board

Family member Richard C Gage has been elected to the Carlson board of directors, Carlson chairman Marilyn Carlson Nelson (pictured) has announced.

The election is part of a plan to rotate third-generation Carlson family members on and off the board every three years. Richard replaces his brother, Scott C Gage, who has served on the board since 2006.

Richard is CEO and founder of Nebulous/, a national real estate technology business, and serves on the board of Carlson Holdings, Gage Marketing Group, Carlson Real Estate Company and The Children’s Theatre. He is also vice president of the Curtis L Carlson Family Foundation.

“We are pleased that Rick will be serving on the board to provide his unique perspective on our businesses,” Nelson said.

Non-family Carlson president and CEO Hubert Joly has also been elected to the board. Joly, who has served as Carlson’s president and CEO since March 2008, becomes the 10th member of the expanded board.

“In his first 10 months as CEO of Carlson, Hubert has earned respect from the board members and family for his leadership, his extensive experience leading global enterprises, his impact, and his appreciation for Carlson’s commitment to the communities in which we operate,” Nelson said.

Family-owned Carlson operates in four business sectors: hotels, marketing, restaurants and travel.

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