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New advisor directory showcases service providers

Campden FB's online advisor directory continues to grow with new service providers joining on a regular basis. Launched at the end of 2009, the directory is a fully searchable platform containing a thorough overview of services available to significant family businesses and family offices.

At a time when many families and family offices are reviewing and reassessing the myriad of advisors that serve them, the directory is fast becoming an invaluable resource.

From specialists in wealth management and the next generation to those who advise on family business M&As and IPOs, the directory is an ever-expanding list of service providers that have specific skills dedicated to business-owning families and family offices.

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Users can quickly find a relevant advisor by selecting a country and choosing from over 20 specialist areas. A list of providers is then presented with a description of their services and full contact details. A selection of relevant advisors is further displayed against every story that appears on

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