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Motor group wins Coutts Prize for Family Business

A motor group has won a regional UK Coutts Prize for Family Business. Leeds-based JCT600 will now go on to the national finals, which are to be held in June. The firm was nominated for the award by Sir Ken Morrison of family-owned WM Morrison Supermarkets.

The company was founded by Edward Tordoff in 1946 and was run for 44 years by his son, Jack. In this time, Jack saw the business grow from a single site operation to become one of the UK?s largest privately owned independent motor groups today, representing 20 franchises, including Porsche, Volkswagen and Ferrari, with an annual turnover in excess of ?784 million. JCT600 takes its name from Jack Tordoff's Mercedes-Benz 600 personalised number plate. The company is now run by Jack?s son, John.

The Coutts judging committee said it was particularly impressed with JCT600?s ability to clearly separate management from ownership; the strength of the families values and the strong financial and operational performance of the business. The committee also noted the company?s annual ?653,000 donations to charity.

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