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Luxury green buildings boom

Environmentally friendly homes are gaining increasing popularity in the Southern states of the US, where many American families maintain holiday homes and estates.

Throughout West Virginia, Georgia, North and South Carolina and Florida, developers are finding increasing demand for retrofitting homes with green appliances, while many new estates are offering completely green neighbourhoods.

Luxury real estate brokers DPS Sporting Club Development Co says it has received a wave of new demand specifically for green properties on its range of exclusive estates.

DPS managing director, Steve Schram says his company is launching a new concept at its Greenbrier, West Virginia estates, aimed at meeting this new demand from families.

"Green Homes at the Greenbrier is a concept aimed at meeting the demand for an environmentally friendly style of development," he said. "This puts us at the forefront of development and is the responsible thing to do."

Specifically, the homes are made from environmentally-friendly materials using green building techniques and are equipped with power-saving appliances and superior insulation.

A national historic landmark famous for its setting and grand accommodations, the Greenbrier community has won an array of awards and accolades as a luxury community and sporting club and has played host to 26 US presidents, from James Monroe in 1815 to George W Bush in 2005, as well as numerous heads of state and celebrities.

"This new green development will put us ahead of the curve in environmental offerings. We plan to build an entirely green village that enhances the local environment," said Schram.

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