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Louis Dreyfus considers listing

Louis Dreyfus Group, the family-owned French conglomerate, is considering listing shares of some of its businesses, according to people close to the matter cited by the Financial Times.

The group, which is a global commodities, energy, real estate and diversified trader and processor, is discussing an initial public offering for some of its subsidiaries and may also consider the sale of Louis Dreyfus Commodities.

The ownership review is at a very early stage and comes following the death last year of family patriarch Robert Louis-Dreyfus. The 150-year-old conglomerate may be considering the initial public offering as a way to raise capital to fund future growth, say experts.

The privately held group is 51% owned by the founding family, according to the Financial Times, who control the shares through a trust. Louis Dreyfus was founded in 1851 and began as a grain trader. The commodities business is still one of the largest with revenues estimated at $35 billion. 

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