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Institut auf dem Rosenberg makes next-gens top of the class

By James Beech

Institut auf dem Rosenberg is one of the leading international boarding schools for boys and girls aged 6-19 years. Owned and run by the Gademann family, Bernhard Gademann, the fourth-generation headmaster, explains how their elite facility gives the young family business leaders of tomorrow the edge in a competitive world.

Institut auf dem Rosenberg is an artisan of education and a family business of more than 130 years, and over four generations of the Gademann family. How does this heritage influence your approach to teaching your students?

When speaking about tradition, we think about perpetual values. Acting responsibly, showing respect for others and understanding the meaning of one’s privileged start in life are among the virtues that we continue to pass on to our students for over a century. As an institution, we are proud of our own heritage and traditions, but preparing young people for positions of leadership in 10 or 20 years from now, we understand that we must continue to innovate, providing relevant and contemporary education today.

When our students graduate from Rosenberg, they combine these values with a profound understanding of how the world is interconnected and a sense of optimism for the opportunities, as well as the challenges of the future.

How can Rosenberg prepare my child to become the leader of my family business and a world leader?

The vast majority of our students have an entrepreneurial family background, and we consciously nurture this state of mind in a unique community.

We collaborate with businesses from small startups to big corporates, leading technical universities as well as thought leaders from across industries in order to provide a unique learning environment that is both inspiring and stimulating.

These wide-ranging collaborations ensure that our education is always relevant and understood in a crucial real-life context, which is imperative for children and young adults today.

Our unique Talent and Enrichment programme features more than 30 different courses that allow our students to immerse themselves in a world of art, robotics, entrepreneurship and public speaking, to name just a few. These experiences open horizons and support their development process beyond classroom education.

At Rosenberg, we encourage an entrepreneurial spirit and believe that fostering this mentality from an early age, rather than waiting until university, is vital for students to develop an aptitude for leadership.

Will my child reach his or her full potential for the 21st century in Rosenberg classrooms?

Our teams are true artisans of education who apply their experience and skills with great care. Each child is an individual and consequently requires individual guidance and support to discover, develop and nurture talent.

At Rosenberg’s Creative Lab, a world first-of-its-kind facility to nurture creativity, students experiment with new technologies while experts are at hand to guide and support students’ projects.

Inspiration is provided through Talent and Enrichment courses and includes weekend trips to leading companies in Europe, as well as lectures and workshops run by guest lecturers, such as blockchain technology experts or professors from Harvard University.

The unmatched depth of education at Rosenberg is provided through a wide range of academic pathways.

This, combined with a truly stimulating programme, enables students to reach their full potential and foster an entrepreneurial mindset for the 21st century.

What benefits are there at Rosenberg from having such a low teacher to student ratio?

We don’t run our school like a factory-line and having a staff to student ratio of 3:1 allows us to provide the right specialists in each academic field. It is a broad understanding that we are all unique as humans, favouring different learning styles and methods. Having the necessary head count means that our teachers have the resources to spend time with each student to ensure that their talents and aspirations are met.

Truly unique to Rosenberg is the Individual Development Plan—IDP®, designed to ensure that a student’s interests and ambitions are continuously matched by our experts to their aspirations for university and beyond.

Our students’ learning experience is further augmented through the school’s proprietary IDP® App.

How do Rosenberg’s sporting activities enable students to succeed in business?

At Rosenberg, we believe that a healthy body and awareness of one’s self is a core requirement for a balanced and successful lifestyle.

As such, all students are expected to engage in sporting activities at a minimum of two times per week.

Our students can choose from more than 20 different sporting activities, including tennis, horse-riding, football and fencing, to name just a few. All activities are led by professional instructors providing the right level from beginners to competitive athletes.

The school’s Health and Fitness Club is fully equipped with the latest Technogym® appliances and permanently staffed with a team of personal trainers to provide professional guidance for all workouts. The Health and Fitness Club also offers nutritional advice and liaises with the school kitchen to carefully plan individual dietary requirements.

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