'Get on the shelf' with Walmart contest

By Rashmi Kumar

For some people living in the US, shopping in Walmart is a must-do weekly affair. After all, the American family business is the world’s largest retailer and sells everything from groceries and electronics to toys and clothing.

But if you’ve noticed something missing from Walmart’s shelves and think you’re the person who can create that special product, then now is the time to go public with it, thanks to the company’s new contest.

“Get on the shelf” gives customers based in the US a chance to get their products sold on the Walton family-controlled group’s website and some select stores across the country. All that contestants have to do is submit a video promoting their new product, which will then be put to a public vote, the Arkansas-based company said in a statement.

Two rounds of public voting later, the top three products will be sold on the Walmart website, while the winner will be featured on the site’s homepage.

Although the family-controlled company doesn’t want for much – it has revenues of more than $400 billion – “there are some great undiscovered products that have not yet reached our shelves”, reckons Venky Harinarayan, senior vice-president of Walmart global e-commerce.

Contestants have until 22 February to submit their videos, while the two rounds of voting will take place through March and April, and the winner will be announced on 24 April.

The contest has already garnered more than 40 entries, including a new sauce, hair accessory and paw puffs for dogs. Anyone got more?