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Founding families attend opening of Porsche museum

Members of the Porsche and Piëch families gathered in Stuttgart on Wednesday to celebrate the opening of the new Porsche museum.

It will open to the public on 31st January, and has been called anything from Porsche’s new business card to a cathedral celebrating the iconic luxury sports car brand.

Designed by Roman Delugan it is entirely white in colour and has an exhibition area that appears to hover in space. Inside, 80 historic vehicles and more than 200 carefully arranged small exhibits from the company’s past are displayed over 5,600 square meters.

Dr Wolfgang Porsche, chairman of the supervisory board of Porsche AG, emphasised the family’s desire to remember the founding personalities of the company and to keep the spirit of their work alive.

“My grandfather and my father were passionate automobile pioneers, engineers, and entrepreneurs. Their life’s work and everything that their successors successfully made of this and further developed from it, is documented here,” he said.

As well as the museum, there are conference areas and an exclusive restaurant, Christophorus, serving haute cuisine.

Porsche is expecting at least 200,000 visitors annually will turn up to view a selection of the company’s historic fleet of 400 cars. Since almost all the exhibition vehicles still take part in races around the world, the rare items on show will be ever-changing.

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