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Five things you will learn at the European Family Office Conference in London

By James Beech

More than 100 multigenerational business families of wealth from across Europe and the rest of the world will gather in London on 4-6 November for the flagship 21st Campden Wealth European Family Office Conference.

Jamie Cayzer-Colvin (pictured), executive director of the family-owned Caledonia Investments, chairs an agenda-setting programme of expert keynote speakers and exclusive closed-door sessions involving breakout sessions, roundtable debates and networking opportunities. All those elements will be centred around the theme "Achieving longevity—Extending the lifecycle of your family's wealth."

What can family leaders and next-gens gain from attending this confidential peer-to-peer sharing of knowledge and best practice to forge a sustainable future for their businesses?

How to make your family fit for the future

Transferring wealth and responsibility from generation to generation is essential if your lifetime of hard work building your business and wealth is to endure. Benefit from real world know-how and the successes and failures of fellow families in professionalising your operations and putting robust governance structures in place. Confront challenges head on with confidence by implementing the best measures in wealth management, family communication and IT strategies. Benchmark your family against the investment and governance trends revealed in the brand new Global Family Office Report 2019.

How to survive the global recession in 2020

Hear shrewd speakers hammer out all sides of the debate on whether the longest late economic cycle on record will stagger into the new decade or end in a recession next year. Market insiders will explore the arguments and propose the courses of actions families should take in each scenario. Go behind the headlines on the consequences of the US-China trade war and Brexit on family investment outlooks. Find out how to capitalise on the opportunities while minimising the risks in the event of a global downturn.

How to make lucrative investments

Get the inside knowledge on the latest asset class trends in market and the early-stage opportunities to emerge with walk-throughs of investor case studies. Leading entrepreneurs unveil their approaches and share their insights on long-term yields, sustainable investing and impact investing beyond the hyperbole. Healthcare, venture capital and financial technology are among the streams to be dived into. Find out what the ‘new normal’ is in business jet ownership and what families can do to increase flexibility while reducing financial risks.

How to make tech disruption work for your family

From artificial intelligence, robotics and the Internet of Things, to data collection, cryptocurrencies and quantum computing, the fourth industrial revolution is here, and families wanting to thrive in the 21st century cannot afford to conduct ‘business as usual’. Cut through the blizzard of buzzwords and gain a robust understanding of where this revolution is and where it’s going. Discover how family offices can not only utilise technological disruption to their own advantage, but invest in it and get ahead of the competition.

How to deal with personal relationships in your family

Good family relations can make or break a family enterprise and have massive impacts on staff, suppliers and sectors, but how to navigate safely through the emotional minefield? Intergenerational differences in attitudes to wealth and business are compounded by a multitude of personality traits and agendas. Founders live longer and blend families from multiple marriages, meaning next-gens in waiting mist seek fulfilling roles for themselves and their own next gens. Understand the nuances, find out how to anticipate behaviours and explore how to apply interventions before it’s too late.

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