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Five reasons to join the North American Family Investment and Impact Conference in Denver

By Steven Sklar

Multigenerational ultra-affluent families from across the Americas are joining their peers in Denver on 15-17 October for the Campden Wealth North American Family Investment and Impact Conference.

This action-packed three-day event will equip families with the tools they need to inform investment decisions and gain critical insight into where we really are in the economic cycle. Families will enjoy the opportunity to share their niche ideas in a private and confidential environment.

Still looking for reasons to join? Here’s why you can’t miss this Campden experience:

Engage in brand new networking opportunities

We asked last year’s attendees what they would change about the event. The number one request? More networking.

This year, families can take part in two brand new family-only Connections Breakfasts. Come prepared with a challenge you’re facing in the family business, office, or personal life. Your peers will then share their contact details if they—or someone they know—can help provide a solution. This fun, fast-paced session will leave families walking away with new contacts for their network.

Learn top tactics to invest through the economic cycle

Whether you’re a believer that the next Black Monday is around the corner, the global economy is fairly weatherproof, or you fall somewhere in the middle, learn what today’s experts think in Denver. The debate will pan-out across investing offices and allocators who make critical decisions daily that impact their vast portfolios. New to the event this year, attendees will hear from a $44 billion endowment to get a grasp of the larger macro environment.

Find out how family offices are leveraging personal values in their portfolios

Campden’s Global Family Office Report has shown year-on-year that families are investing more impactfully. As families shift away from areas like tobacco and firearms—and even dirty energy, managers are being forced to listen families and embrace this paradigm shift towards positively impactful ventures. See how your peers are influencing their managers to align their values and make a difference in local communities—without sacrificing yield.

Discover how real estate moguls are utilising opportunity zones

This year’s pre-day workshop on 15 October will feature a collection of keynote and panel discussions on opportunity zone (OZ) investing. Whether you consider yourself a real estate novice or expert, this A-to-Z session will be relevant. Learn about the substantial tax benefits of OZs, gain skills to structure OZ investments, and meet qualified opportunity fund sponsors and investors.

Address complicated mental health challenges

Once considered (and by some still considered) taboo, mental health is a topic families need to talk about. Research has shown time and time again that maintaining family wealth becomes increasingly difficult with each new generation. One key detractor from this family legacy—mental wellness. Families need to be aware of, and ready to tackle issues, such as depression, anxiety, schizophrenia, drug abuse—and even infidelity. Dr Paul Hokemeyer (pictured), psychotherapist and family expert, will guide discussion at a family-only workshop to help address mental health and relational challenges—whether past, present, or yet to be surfaced.

Register here to attend the Campden Wealth North American Family Investment and Impact Conference in Denver on 15-17 October.

For more information on the upcoming conference please contact:

Speaking opportunities, David Braham, (212) 204-2582, davidbraham@campdenwealth.com

Attending as a delegate, Steven Sklar, (212) 204-2586, stevensklar@campdenwealth.com

Sponsorship opportunities, Paul Ust (212) 693-2792, paulust@campdenwealth.com or Claire Bailey, (212) 204-2587, clairebailey@campdenwealth.com.

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