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The family office with James Bond links

Fleming Family & Partners is backed by one of the UK's most venerable finance dynasties. But that isn't a guarantee of future success. David Bain reports on how one of Europe's biggest family offices is now faring after a couple of tricky years.
FF&P's head office in London

Unsurprisingly, the actor Daniel Craig, who plays the current James Bond, doesn’t disclose exactly what he does with the small fortune he makes from playing the iconic British secret agent. But if he’s looking for some financial planning, or even some interesting investing options, he might consider looking a bit closer to the character he plays – or at least the person who created that character.

Bond of course was the creation of Ian Fleming, but he in turn was the grandson of one of the UK’s most successful financiers of all time – Robert Fleming.

Fleming founded a financial dynasty in the late 19th century that went on to be a dominant player in investment banking and asset management for much of the 20th century.

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