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Family member becomes chairman of Pentland Brands

By Michael Finnigan

Pentland Group third-gen Andy Rubin has been promoted to chairman of the family business's division, responsible for a stable of fashion brands, including Speedo, Boxfresh and Canterbury.

Rubin is set to take on the newly created role at Pentland Brands in January, with the current chief operating officer, Andy Long, stepping in to take over as chief executive.

Long has been at Pentland Brands for nine years, following roles at Procter & Gamble and Boots, while Rubin has been in the family business for 23 years.

Rubin's father Stephen is chairman of the £2 billion (€2.5 billion) parent company, which also includes a retail division and other investments.

The father and son pair was on hand to receive the top honour at this year's CampdenFB European Families in Business Awards in Barcelona, where they won top family business.

Pentland Group was founded by Berko and Minnie Rubin in 1932 with little more than a £100 base capital. It now operates across 200 countries. 

Speaking on the appointments, Stephen said: “Both Andy's are leading a successful brand building organisation which will produce record sales and profits in 2014 and have won various awards recognising the team's achievements.”

Pentland Group posted a 39% increase in operating profit to £124 million in June. The family-run firm employs more than 19,000 people.