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Family business relationships in the spotlight with new online survey

Campden FB has launched its latest online survey which looks at family business relationships. Focusing on the interaction and communication between family members, this timely study will investigate the emotional state of family businesses today.

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The results will appear in the November/December issue of Campden FB, with expert analysis provided by Randel Carlock, author of the acclaimed book Family Business on the Couch and professor and founding director of the Wendel International Centre for Family Enterprise at INSEAD business school.

Strong family business relationships are essential in periods such as today, when difficult trading conditions brought about by the credit crunch can strain human as well as business nerves.

However, it is often the emotional issues rather than pure business issues that cause the downfall of family companies and the strength of your relationships with other family members, whether or not they work in the business, could be crucial to your company maintaining its competitive advantage.

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