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Coffee and chocolate magnate Klaus J Jacobs dies

Klaus J Jacobs (pictured), head of the entrepreneurial family behind brands such as Adecco, has died in Switzerland aged 71.
The German-born billionaire worked for his family's coffee company from 1962 and led the company's ambitious expansion of its European operations in the 1970s.
He led the merger of Jacobs with Interfood in 1982, which created Jacobs Suchard, Europe's number one chocolate and coffee enterprise.
When the consumer-oriented elements of Jacobs Suchard were sold to Philip Morris in 1990, Jacobs founded Barry Callebaut, a company that has since grown to become the world's leading producer of high-quality cocoa, chocolate and confectionary products.
In 1992, Jacobs acquired Adia Personnel Services, a European leader in staffing, before merging it with Ecco in 1996. The new company Adecco is today the world's leading temporary staff agency and Jacobs was elected honorary president in 2007.
In 1998, he founded the Jacobs Foundation, an international non-profit organisation that funds youth job training programmes. He transferred his entire fortune to the foundation in 2001.
The Jacob family's wealth is held by holding company Jacob's Holding. In addition to coffee, confectionery and human resources, it is also involved in racehorses, farming and sports marketing.
He leaves behind his second wife Renata, their four children and two children from an earlier marriage. His son, Johann Christian Jacobs, succeeds him at the head of the Jacobs Foundation. 

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