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Book reviews: Indian Family Business Mantras

By Nicholas Moody

When the President of India is the first person to get a copy of your book, you know it's being taken seriously. Indian Family Business Mantras benefited from this auspicious launch (and went on to sell 5,000 copies in the first week). An engaging collaboration between UK and Indian family business experts Peter Leach and Tatwamasi Dixit, it brings together Eastern and Western thinking on family business issues – suffusing practical process with quotes from Indian epics. And it comes at a crucial time for many Indian businesses as they face transition from revered patriarchs to the next generation. Still this is not a 'how-to' book, but drills home the message that corporate governance can nip issues in the bud. With a foreword from G.M. Rao, founder of GMR Group, and interviews and analysis from the likes of the Murugappa Group and Ambuja Group, this is an excellent overview of how different families are tackling the never-ending challenge of succession. 

Indian Family Business Mantras By Peter Leach and Tatwamasi Dixit

Rated 4,5/5

 Published by Rupa

Pages 252 

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