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Bonnier rebranding merges family history with modern agenda

Bonnier Group, the 200-year-old family-owned business, has undergone a complete rebranding exercise as it aims to propel the company into the digital age.

The Sweden-based multi-channel media company is run by sixth-generation CEO Jonas Bonnier, who took over from non-family management in November 2007.

"The last time we sat down and tried to define ourselves, our situation and the strategy for going forward was in the late nineties," said 44-year-old Bonnier (pictured). "Since then, Bonnier has been transformed to a different media company. This, we thought, should also appear visually."

The branding mission began late last year, when Bonnier's top management reviewed the company's core values, mission and vision statements, logo, and colours.

According to Sara Öhrvall, the group's director of research and development, and one of the leaders of the branding project, the reason for the rebrand is principally about further professionalising the business.

"It's about professionalism, to be perceived as a credible and attractive partner when it comes to recruiting and retaining talent, to make attractive companies choose to partner with us instead of our competitors," she said.

"We want to be perceived as an innovative and creative media group that constantly pushes forward the boundaries of publishing, and stands on a solid platform of a family firm's values and long-term thinking."

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