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App to boost next-gen knowledge of family businesses

By Attracta Mooney

A new app for the iPad, which will help make next-gen teenagers aware of “sound family business dynamics and practices”, has been launched.

Released by Business Families Foundation, a Canadian organisation that supports family businesses worldwide, the app uses a game format to boost awareness of family businesses among young people.

Speaking to CampdenFB, Dr Pascale Michaud, president of BFF, said the game offers users a chance “to get acquainted with and aware of family business activities”, through three rounds.

These feature multiple-choice questions, a puzzle on family business industries, and a section that asks players to make philanthropy decisions.

It teaches “future entrepreneurs that entrepreneurship isn't an individual journey”, but one in which family plays an important role through offering support, mentorship and “later on in life as partners in co-leadership and co-ownership”, said Michaud.

“And if a teenager's family already has a family business, it can help empower the teenager with knowledge about sound family business dynamics and practices,” she added.

The app, which is available from the App Store, could help family business owners to educate and communicate with next-gens about the company, BFF also said.

The game is the second app that BFF has released and will be updated regularly with new questions and topics.  

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