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Asiaciti Trust Group


Asiaciti Trust is an independent trustee and fiduciary services business group offering specialist services internationally to both private clients and business corporations. Having established its corporate identity in 1978, Asiaciti Trust has its foundations in chartered accountancy practices which date back to 1886. Asiaciti Trust now provides a complete range of international trust and offshore corporate services and is one of the leading international trust groups in the Asian Pacific region. Asiaciti Trust currently has offices in the Cook Islands, Hong Kong, Nevis, New Zealand, Samoa, Singapore and Uruguay.


At Asiaciti Trust, we epshasise the value-added concept by adopting a creative but practical approach to our clients' financial and fiscal planning needs. We work closely with clients or their professional advisors to determine the international structure most appropriate to the client's needs. Being independent we are frequently engaged by other professionals or private banks to provide specialist services to their clients. These services may cover such issues as international tax and estate planning, pre-migration planning, succession planning, international trading investment structures and licensing royalty structure. 


Asiaciti Trust is headquartered in Singapore and through its network of subsidiaries and associates it is able to offer a global service capability to its clients. 


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163 Penang Road
02-01 Winsland House II
Graeme W Briggs
+65 6533 2611
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