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September 20, 2011

Family businesses can play a far greater role in the UK economy if they are offered the right level of support, according to the UK Family Business Alliance.

Family businesses could play a far greater role in the British economy if they were offered the right level of support, according to the UK Family Business Alliance.

Peter Thornton, one of the founders of the organisation, said the UK economy would be boosted if it didn’t rely so heavily on finance and banking.

“There is a need for a new direction for the economy, with family businesses contributing far more,” he added.

March 18, 2011

Life expectancy might not be rising that quickly, but the eternal search for longer life may be about to see some big advances, writes David Bain

Jeanne Calment, who died over 13 years ago in France, would have been all but forgotten to the wider world if it weren’t for her one amazing achievement. Calment, who met Van Gough when she was 13, lived until she was 122, making her the longest confirmed human life span in history. She joined a select group of what are referred to as supercentenarians – people who live until they are 110. So far, only around 1,300 individuals in the world have been confirmed as supercentenarians.

March 16, 2011

Spas go back thousands of years – today they are more popular than ever. Claire Adler looks at some of the most exclusive ones in Europe

Roman emperors liked spas. Emperor Marcus Agrippa is credited with building the first thermae, or hot baths, around 25BC. Not to be overshadowed, emperors Nero, Titus and Constantine continuing the theme, building spas to gain favour with their citizens and as memorials to their rule.

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