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September 1, 2002

Patrimonial firms on European stock exchanges

© INSEAD, 2002. This contribution is based on INSEAD studies authored by Christine Blondel, Nicholas Rowell and Ludo Van der Heyden (Paris and London), and Sabine Klein and Christine Blondel (Frankfurt). The studies benefited from the financial support of BNP Paribas Banque Privée, and the Tetra Laval Research Fund for the Large Family Firm. Tias Business School  conducted the study of Dutch and Belgian stock exchanges using the same methodology (Drs Albert Jan Thomassen).

Patrimonial firms on European stock exchanges

June 1, 2002

It’s about control: family businesses in Germany

Sabine Klein is Research Fellow, Family Firm Initiative at INSEAD, Fontainebleu, France; lecturer, Trier University, Germany; and Associate of The Family Business Consulting Group.

It's about control: family businesses in Germany

February 1, 2002

So, are family businesses performing better?

". . . when they are strong, they are the best . . . when they are bad, they are horrid"
Katherine Graham, former family CEO of the Washington Post Company

January 1, 2002

Surprising realities about large family businesses in France

When the words 'family business' are mentioned, some people still think it refers to smaller companies – backward-looking firms with their roots in the past and doomed to disappear. Even though national surveys from many countries regularly suggest that four of every five business enterprises operate under family ownership and control, their predominance is perceived as exaggerated or in some way abstract. The prevalent model of 'business'– communicated by business schools and referred to in the media – is that of a large company, traded on the stock exchange, and with spread ownership.

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