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Grupo Bimbo

February 18, 2019

The Mexican economy may long have had difficulties in achieving brisk growth, but that has not stopped the nation’s largest family businesses from forging ahead and, in some cases, becoming world leaders. Daniel Bardsley takes a look at this land of extremes and where families fit in

The family business dominates the Mexican economic landscape—an often-used motto in the country is “You trust your blood”—but few nations have such a gaping divide between the large and the small.

At one extreme, Mexico has millions of under-the-radar micro-businesses keen to avoid the attentions of the tax collectors, while at the other it plays host to corporate family-controlled giants that are at the global cutting edge.

February 9, 2017

Third-generation Saputo to succeed founding father; Slim and Servitje subsidiaries to launch ‘made-in-Mexico’ e-cars; Tata removes Mistry, set to install Chandrasekaran 

Third-generation Saputo to succeed founding father
Lino Saputo Jr is to succeed his father, Emanuele (Lino), as chairman of his family’s eponymously named dairy company - one of the top ten dairy processors in the world.

Currently chief executive and vice chairman, third-generation Saputo Jr will replace the founding chairman from 1 August and also retain his responsibilities as chief executive.

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