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Galahad Clark

April 1, 2016

Galahad Clark, a seventh-generation member of the Clarks dynasty, talks about his new venture – a London-based textile-recycling firm looking to recapture raw cotton and polyester at a molecular level. 

Just a fraction of the world’s ever-growing output of clothes gets recycled, a situation that is filling up landfill sites and wasting precious resources.

Worn Again is looking to change this with its development of a technology that can recapture and separate the raw polyester and cotton raw materials from textiles which can then go back into the supply chain as new.

January 28, 2013

A next-gen member of the famous Clarks shoe dynasty felt the weight of responsibility of the family business. He’s met that head on by his own entrepreneurial efforts – making shoes.

Galahad Clark, 36, is a seventh-generation member of the Clarks dynasty and the founder of Vivobarefoot.

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