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  • Business models in the world of family offices are as varied as the families that run them. But Paul Golden says pressures on many family offices will lead to greater conformity in the years ahead.

  • Paul Golden analyses the best compensation strategies for senior family office staff

  • Have private banks taken on board lessons from the crisis? Paul Golden analyses how families can assess the competence of the banks and their bankers

  • With the transfer of wealth to the next generation of Asians underway and growing interest from highly-taxed western families, the region’s financial centres are rushing to court family offices, writes Paul Golden.

  • With wealthy families increasingly trusting their own judgment when it comes to managing their investments, private banks are under pressure to raise their game. Paul Golden speaks to both sides to analyse where they stand

  • Attempting to influence decision makers and managing the wealth of rich families are not such strange bedfellows. Both activities carry more than a whiff of intrigue, place great value on discretion and leverage long-established connections to achieve their objectives

  • Rothschild might have broken with tradition by appointing a non-family CEO for the first time in its history, but the new chief has several factors in his favour as he takes the helm of one of the world’s leading investment banks, writes Paul Golden

  • As two of the English Premier League’s top clubs battled for bragging rights last night in the Manchester derby, the clash also saw two of the biggest families in the Premier League go head-to-head, writes Paul Golden

  • Despite presenting a range of variables to rival the riskiest asset class, the thoroughbred horse breeding and racing industry is an international business backed by some of the world’s wealthiest individuals and families, writes Paul Golden

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