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  • Catherine Deneuve is one of the last people in the world you’d expect to be providing thought leadership for family businesses. The star of Bunel’s Belle de Jour and Polanski’s Repulsion is widely lauded as one of the world’s great beauties.

  • So the good ship Prada is about to be floated in Hong Kong harbour with a price tag of around $2.6 billion draped from its bow. How apt that the company began life way back on the eve of the Great War in 1913 selling trunks suitable for ocean-going liners.

  • Cadbury was one of the great British family companies. The company won their way into the hearts and minds not just of the British public over two centuries but confectionary consumers everywhere.

  • The John Lewis Partnership began life as a family business with the opening of a draper’s store on London’s Oxford Street in 1864. The first day’s take was sixteen shillings and fourpence.

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