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  • Fashion founders Hubert de Givenchy and Sonja Bata are being remembered by their families and foundations for their influence, elegance and philanthropy.

  • North America remains the richest region on the planet, with a third of the world’s ultra-wealthiest people calling it home, but Asia has overtaken Europe as the second richest.

  • How families are powering growth and engaging their next generations to preserve their businesses are just some of the insights Campden researchers are gathering for agenda-setting reports in 2018.

  • Flat global sales and corporate streamlining are behind an 8% drop in revenue for 2017, the Danish family owned Lego Group announced today.

  • Billionaires are growing in numbers and many want philanthropic advice, but public trust in charities has dropped and challenges remain in getting donations to where funds are most needed.

  • Uncertainty over the legal status of non-domiciles, residency and Brexit is behind a flight in wealthy individuals and families from the United Kingdom to friendlier destinations around the world.

  • Passion investors ride a bumpy road in the classic car market, but with the highest standards of restoration, proof of origin and exclusivity, returns are there to be made, say market specialists.

  • Enzo Ferrari would have celebrated his 120th birthday this week, but his namesake supercar company is one of several major family businesses looking to the future and new technologies.

  • Dilmah was the first producer-owned tea brand to offer tea picked, perfected, and packed at its place of origin. Pioneered by founder and chairman Merrill J Fernando, the Sri Lankan has built the world’s third largest tea brand and a multigenerational family business over 30 years, based on ethics and philanthropy. “Dilmah is not a brand of tea, Dilmah is a philosophy of caring and sharing,” he tells James Beech, over a cup.

  • Families and philanthropy are driving the sharp rise in the number of foundation structures registered in Jersey.

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