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  • Once listed as the largest family business in the Middle East, construction giant Saudi Binladin Group has recently faced unprecedented difficulties after an accident in Mecca that cost 107 lives. Now able to bid for government contracts again after being blacklisted, it has major projects on the go such as the construction of the world’s tallest building, Jeddah Tower

  • While Saudi Arabian family businesses do not dominate the economy to the extent seen with family firms in some other Gulf states, they nevertheless play a crucial role in the country’s economy. But ties to the petroleum sector makes some of them vulnerable to oil price fluctuations, as recent events show. Daniel Bardsley takes a look

  • Walmart reports huge jump in US online sales, next-generation family member joins Vedanta board, and GIIN survey says big financial firms bring mixed blessings for impact investing  

  • Family business specialists are calling on the British government not to reintroduce plans to cut tax breaks on dividends but some observers say the measures are likely to be brought back after the forthcoming general election.

  • Brewing giant AB InBev profits up but struggles in Americas; Whither Fairfax Media as assets cherry picked; Third-gen takes ownership of billion dollar In-N-Out burger chain.

  • Salaries for senior executives at family offices are increasing, and almost one-third of chief executives and managing directors now earn more than £300,000 ($386,000) a year, according to a new report.

  • A guide to setting up a family office has been launched amid warnings that families must maintain unity or risk losing their wealth.

  • Education is by far the most supported philanthropic cause among family offices, according to the Global Family Office Report 2016 by Campden Wealth. Daniel Bardsley finds out why the returns on such a social impact investment can be financial, as well as feel-good

  • With concerns over fraud and ownership, the art world offers myriad pitfalls for the unwary, causing experts to advise bringing in specialists to help ensure that investments do not turn sour.

  • Ultra high net worth families are faced with an ongoing series of highly complex, multigenerational wealth management challenges. CampdenFB explores the latest research.

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