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  • Family businesses in Spain played a vital role in helping to limit the sharp rise in unemployment during the country’s prolonged slump, and are now seeing their fortunes improve as the economy continues to recover

  • Serving two masters can be a recipe for disaster, yet many large family businesses operate successful two board systems which separate the daily management from a supervisory board with a broader mandate. Is a supervisory board right for your family business? Or is the added level of decision-making a hindrance? Daniel Bardsley reports

  • Jim Burns, head of KKR’s Individual Investor Business, speaks to CampdenFBabout annual financing decisions, the rising awareness of alternative funders, and generational differences towards capitalising the family business

  • The funding attitudes and practices of family businesses in North America, Europe and Asia-Pacific are changing in the wake of the global financial crisis a decade ago. Daniel Bardsley examines the latest research by Campden Wealth in partnership with KKR and asks what these new trends mean for family business growth

  • Blind panic may be the first response to a cyber-attack, but family businesses and family offices need not fear if they follow training and a steady response. Three cyber experts at Schillings tell Daniel Bardsley how to react

  • With second homes needing to make sense both as investments and as great places to live, what do the world’s most sought-after locations have to offer?

  • After three decades of working as a fifth-generation member of the business that founded and still owns the C&A clothing retail chain, family entrepreneur Stephen Brenninkmeijer turned to impact investing. He discusses funding and supporting promising ventures with a social mission.

  • How does a fifth-generation member of one of Europe’s most notable family businesses continue its long tradition of social consciousness? By launching a second career as an impact investing pioneer. Daniel Bardsley reports.

  • While Saudi Arabian family businesses do not dominate the economy to the extent seen with family firms in some other Gulf states, they nevertheless play a crucial role in the country’s economy. But ties to the petroleum sector makes some of them vulnerable to oil price fluctuations, as recent events show. Daniel Bardsley takes a look

  • Walmart reports huge jump in US online sales, next-generation family member joins Vedanta board, and GIIN survey says big financial firms bring mixed blessings for impact investing  

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