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  • A gamut of stores across the world, from Harrods, Bergdorf Goodman, Galeries Lafayette and Saks, to Topshop and John Lewis now offer personal shopping services. But if you want true personal service for your family members, who’s really going that extra mile?

  • To some, it may sound like an odd pairing. Owner of the family-controlled Marriott hotel chain Bill Marriott is jumping into bed with king of the hipper than thou boutique hotel Ian Schrager.

  • Brioni, the classic luxury Italian suit-maker famed for kitting out Pierce Brosnan in his James Bond days, has announced it wants to sell a 20–25% stake in its business. How the hunter has become the hunted.

  • The intricate and imaginative designs of a fourth-generation Mumbai-based jeweller are becoming increasingly sought after the world over, writes Claire Adler

  • Caroline Neville is a woman credited with inventing fashion PR more than 45 years ago. Today her son and daughter are leading the charge in continuing the growth of the company she founded writes Claire Adler

  • Today’s watch collectors range from Wall Street hedgies to European royalty. So just how easy is it to start a collection?

  • Artist Charlotte Mann grew up around people talking about art. Her parents are both landscape painters and her brother is a photographer and film-maker. “Ever since I was a child, we’d always have an input in our father’s paintings,” she says.

  • From a hotel manager penning personal notes to clients to a cabaret performer spying for the British and diamond pebble massages, Claire Adler speaks to families who own some of the world’s most sumptuous spas

  • Opportunities for social climbing while shopping have never looked this good. While sales of expensive jewellery now take place outside the boutique, knowing your jeweller up close has become a dinner party topic all of its own.

  • Founded in Switzerland, the home of luxury watches, Rotary has been providing timepieces for its clientele for over a century. Claire Adler finds out about the brand’s focus on fashion,the introduction of diamonds and an elaborate treasure hunt

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