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  • Fast-growing companies are what get economies moving and this year more than 70% of the leaders in our Top 50 list are from expanding new companies we have never featured. Read on about the leaders getting their family businesses going in the right direction

  • Over the last 50 years, the face of modern day business has changed dramatically in response to improvements in transport, technology, and massive changes in the way we communicate.

  • A diversified investment portfolio for a family office often includes alternative investments such as precious metals. Having a portion of your wealth in precious metals is not only viewed by many as an appealing long-term investment, but also as a hedge against other assets in their portfolio.

  • Akio Toyoda, third-generation of the founding Toyota family, yesterday announced big management changes at Toyota intended to speed up decision-making processes and continue to rebuild the company’s image.

  • The Zegna Group, winners of the IMD Distinguished Family Business Award 2000, have successfully redefined and adapted their textile and menswear business to the changing world—never losing sight of the legacy of its founder

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