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  • Your family is in need of some downtime, but with a splash of glamour. So where do you go? And how are our luxury escapes changing? Alison Ebbage speaks to Philippe Brown, founder of bespoke travel planners Brown and Hudson

  • What does it take to start then grow a business into a successful, multi-billion dollar holding yet maintain total family control through the generations? Alison Ebbage reports

  • How should family offices approach direct investing? And what is the more important choice – the platforms or the underlying investments? Alison Ebbage examines this rapidly growing multi-billion dollar market

  • Alison Ebbage finds out how a top French business school is empowering the family business leaders of tomorrow

  • New regulations driving greater transparency around beneficial ownership are being set up throughout Europe, spearheaded by Great Britain

  • The operational structure of a family office, its asset base, who it is intended to serve, and with what investments and services, are all key drivers of costs. For first generation family offices, the client base is relatively small and considerations over the extent of service are based largely on personal preference.

  • Costs in the average family office are up. Is it possible to retain value while trimming back expenditures through outsourcing and technology? Alison Ebbage takes a look

  • The OECD’s Common Reporting Standard has been described as a ‘paradigm shift for tax’ as it seeks to automate the way governments share tax information with each other. How are family offices being affected? Alison Ebbage reports

  • The cyber world may seem intangible, but security breaches can have a very real impact on your family's money, reputation and even safety. CampdenFB looks at how and why family offices should take data security seriously

  • They say a golden key opens all doors and, with the right amounts of investment, buying residency or nationality to the country of your choice is no exception. So what are the various options for investors with the funds to spend?

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