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  • Youthful energy for Britain’s oldest bank, BMW recalls another 300,000 cars, and Buffett takes bigger bite of Apple.

  • Sister of Subway founder retires after 45 years, Monica Mondardini steps away from GEDI, Tata and John Deere lease to subsistence farmers

  • In five years’ time, the battle to keep data secure against cyber-attacks will descend into a “machine on machine war” with the advancement of artificial intelligence, a former head of MI5 says.

  • Ghazi Abu Nahl, insurance magnate, philanthropist, and father-of-five, shows few signs of slowing down. Despite turning 72 this year, his schedule sees him in a new city virtually every week. So how did a former refugee, who describes his ideal day as being at home with his wife and children, build a global business empire with more than $5 billion in assets? Alexandra Newlovereports

  • More family offices are looking to shift jurisdiction this year, advisers say, as political instability continues from London to the Middle East.

  • Bolloré held over corruption enquiry, Grosvenor ‘resilient’ despite weak UK valuations, and ‘rage’ sisters ousted from family firm.

  • Nut rage to water rage, Holtzbrinck family use special structure to keep control, and family-owned giants step up climate action

  • Maersk eyes female CFO candidates, Tengelmann hit by back-to-back tragedies, and VW to replace stopgap chief.

  • It is not unusual for successful business people to spend their later years focused on charitable work. More novel is the entrepreneur who, by age 40, spends 90% of his time on a project that makes him no money. Alexandre Mars spoke to Alexandra Newlove about Epic, his non-profit start-up, and making giving the norm

  • Less institutional capital flowing into the UK in the face of Brexit spells opportunity for British family offices, fund managers say.

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