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While Corleone Imports Inc may seem like a distant reality to the way your family business is run, there are lessons that can be learned from The Godfather– not least how NOT to handle a sticky situation

In anticipation of the forthcoming launch of a new FBN chapter in Japan, Sonia Totten leads a discussion between Yoshiharu Fukuhara, Honorary Chairman of Shiseido Corporation, and Jean-Pierre Lehmann, Professor of International Political Economy at IMD, about the current family business environment in Japan

The two-volume history, The House of Rothschild by Niall Ferguson, gives remarkable insight into how the Rothschild family prospered as a formidable force in Europe throughout the 19th century and has maintained the tradition to this day

Many multi-generational family firms make up the French economy. They demonstrate resilience and renewal in hardship, good family organisation and, for some, acceptance of in-laws in top roles

Paul is Europe’s fastest growing bakery chain. Maxime Holder, Operations Director of Paul, talks about the history of the business and how the family have approached the future issue of a generation transition

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