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Tax and Jurisdictions

European family businesses are less unionised than their non-family counterparts. This is not a good strategy for family businesses in a competitive landscape, says Trygve Gulbrandsen, who finds Scandinavia a model for change in the field

Charles Lowenhaupt explains how US families can use ‘dynasty trusts’ to ensure their business and financial legacy lives on beyond their generation – but the real key is finding the right trustee wealth steward to manage the assets beyond the benficiaries’ lifetime

If you want to consult the manager of your Swiss bank account in the future where would you go? Zurich, Geneva or Bern? The answer, increasingly, is Singapore, says Bob Reynolds, and the Swiss banking fraternity has been put under considerable pressure to compete

For many family members, ensuring the family’s control of their business is kept intact for future generations is crucial and yet an astonishing number of families lose control of the family business in the third or subsequent generations. Cecilia Ward looks at the options

Changes to the structure and diversity of trusts offered by offshore financial services centres aim to close loopholes and protect the client. Bob Reynolds looks at how this has prompted other jurisdictions to tighten policy, improve services and boost uptake