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When it comes to handing over the reins to successors, the odds are stacked against family businesses. Around 70% of families fail to properly pass their business or wealth to the next generation. One of the biggest reasons is that half of families lack a succession plan: a process for identifying and nurturing people to become leaders in the business.

Indian family real estate business Lodha Group will be split into two entities to ease succession planning into the second generation – a strategy that is common in India, according to a family business academic based in the country.

More than four-fifths of Asian family businesses do not have a succession plan in place despite the majority expecting to handover to the next generation within five years, new research has revealed.

The Murdoch family likely had a considerable amount of discussion and debate about the succession of brothers James and Lachlan Murdoch to the helm of 21st Century Fox, a US family business expert says, and did well to keep those discussions contained.

Shares in family-controlled Australian business Seven Group Holdings dropped over 5% on the news second-gen Ryan Stokes would be taking over as chief executive and managing director in August.

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