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Special report

When India’s Tata Steel bid for the Anglo-Dutch corporation Corus, business magazines trumpeted the arrival of the Indian multinational corporation. A rival bid may yet cause the deal to unravel, but Kamal Mehta explains why the offer is a sign that Indian business has come of age

Families in Business talks with Gopal Patwardhan, managing partner at Duke Equity Partners, about helping Indian family business grow, and what the future holds for this fast growing economy

Singapore’s competitiveness as a nation will depend on the success of local Chinese family enterprises. Wee-Liang Tan discusses how their traditional outlook may well prove to be a hindrance to both their own long-term growth and the growth of the economy

Indian family businesses are some of the most optimistic in the world, while UK family family businesses are the least. Anuj Chande, Vishesh Chandiok and Howard Hackney take a close look at what the future holds for family businesses in each country

Everyone’s talking about India. The world’s largest democracy has forced itself on to the agenda of every business in the western world. So is it the new ‘promised land’ or just the latest conference topic in town, asks Richard Willsher

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