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Special report

Comparatively few Western business owners feel the need to invest in personal security against the threat of kidnap but in Latin America, the threat is all too real. Rodrigo Amaral delves into this murky world and assesses how it can be avoided

The gender gap in Latin America is still fairly large, but it is becoming increasingly common for a woman to run the family business. Jane Simms looks at the attitude towards working women in Latin America and those who have made it to the top

In the past few years Brazil has become one of the fastest growing emerging markets in the world. Rodrigo Amaral analyses what impact this has had on the country’s family businesses and the unprecedented rise of the IPO …

Carlos Slim, the world’s richest man, is the figurehead of a Latin American trend of family
businesses ascending to powerful global positions. And many believe that, despite concerns about corruption, this trend will continue if the environment for business improves at the current rate. Melanie Stern analyses the state of play for the region’s business families


Cross-border deals are on the rise and nowhere is this more clear than in Europe. Giovanni Amodeo looks at family businesses, both public and private, to see how they coped with the multiple challenges this particular M&A trend generates

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