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Family Business

Just Born’s Peeps outnumber humans by four to one in their homeland. Now the company is to expand that reach internationally with a bold migration strategy

In the span of two generations and with a cavalier disregard for which came first, Arthur and Frank Perdue built a billion dollar empire on eggs and chickens. Jim Perdue, CEO, has pledged to go one better

A virtual icon at American breakfast tables, Smucker’s jams have taken their rightful place as one of the family. To this day, family values remain a key ingredient of the company’s success

Andrew Pindar is Chairman of Pindar, a fourth generation family business based in Scarborough, and has evolved his company from a conventional printing company into a cross media organisation with multi-national links. He is also a board member of AlphaGraphics Inc, a 290-store franchise chain operating in 17 countries, and a subsidiary of Pindar. Andrew is married to Caroline and has two children, Zoe and George, aged seven and five

Strategic Planning for the Family Business,
by Randel S Carlock and John L Ward, London: Macmillan-Palgrave, 2001

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