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Family Business

Spot an opportunity and see it through could be the Khayyat family motto. But ‘one door closes and another one opens’ seems more apt for the canny family behind Meatco, Jordan’s masters of survival and economic opportunism

Corporate social responsibility sounds cool, but seems a contra­diction in terms in an ever-aggressive global business landscape. But it is part of the business remit for Bahrain’sKanoo Group of companies

Family businesses which pass premises down between generations could be caught in Britain’s plans to close loopholes in the inheritance tax regime, say experts familiar with the Labour government’s new budget proposals.

Willem van Eeghen is managing director of Van Eeghen International, a 14th-generation privately held business based in Amsterdam and with activity in 60 countries. Since 1662 the company has been active in commodities, shipping, private banking, insurance and food ingredients. Today the firm’s core business lies in functional and dehydrated food ingredients. Willem is married to Petra and they have three sons – Feike, Max and Boudewijn and a daughter, Erica

“I believe that an objective outsider really can get things addressed. The presence of a camera, oddly enough, also helps”

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