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Family Business

There is nothing like working with real family businesses to keep you in touch with the challenges they face

Despite competing with 75 other brands of water on the Swiss market, Pascal and Nicolas Rouges’ skill and motivation has made sure that Henniez is the second most consumed brand of water in the country

Robert and Alexander Barth discuss the natural progression of their business – and how they became one of the largest, and most respected, soft drinks companies in Switzerland

It is Switzerland’s oldest and most revered chocolatier with an international reputation for excellence, but remains a one-town operation as part of its strategy to maintain exclusivity.

Jo Macsween comes from a family of haggis aficionados. Macsween of Edinburgh Ltd has been making handmade haggis since 1953 and is currently run by the third generation, Jo and her brother, James. Established initially as retail butchers, the business undertook a certain amount of manufacturing of meat products, including the now famous haggis. In 1996, the business relocated to the world’s first custom-built haggis factory just outside Edinburgh, enabling Macsween to continue producing high quality haggis and meet the ever increasing, world-wide demand

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