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Family Business

The Edelman empire reaches around the world and includes clients as diverse as the pharmaceuticals giant Pfizer and the Mormon Church. Richard Edelman tells Melanie Stern about the business and why he gets a kick from challenging consumer fatigue

Bill Ford inherited the mantle created by his great-grandfather Henry. His ability to protect and promote this precious legacy has been tested to the enth degree. He tells Scott McCulloch how he salvaged an ailing firm and why he values the workforce

Selling the family business need not be fraught with problems. If you hire a good outside advisor, you can protect your interests, secure a good deal and continue to manage. John Willert and Brian Silston urge you not to be taken in by misinformation and myth

Family firms are not inherently big risk-takers. Responsibility sits heavily on a leader’s shoulders because they will not want to sacrifice generations of toil. However, caution does not mean a company cannot be successfully competitive, writes George Malim

Arkadiy Ivanovich Volskiy heads an organisation that aims to protect and champion the needs and goals of business in Russia. He tells Shamil Magomedov that the issues that family firms face in this new economy are similar to elsewhere in the world

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