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Family Business

UK demographics predict a sharp and rapid rise in the retired population by 2020. So sheltered housing for older people is big business. Churchill Retirement Living is a multi-million pound company and growing. Scott McCulloch inspects the foundations

France’s Darbonne family are seasoned players in their herb-growing niche. But China could pose a threat to the future of their business and 119 years’ dominance, chief executive Luc tells Melanie Stern

Having taken the reins of one of France’s finest wine-producing families at an extremely challenging time, Frédéric Drouhin of Maison Joseph Drouhin tells Marc Smith why he's confident French plonk will fight off the threat of the New World. For good, he hopes

Ernest-Antoine Seillière wants all things good and great for the EU and, ultimately, the French economy: rapid economic convergence, deep reforms to its labour markets and a big push to innovation. Will it happen, asks Scott McCulloch

Behind the dazzling smiles of Lakshmi Mittal and his heir apparent Aditya is a grim determination to become the biggest steel producer in the world. Whether Arcelor and the French business community are to be persuaded has yet to be seen. Melanie Stern reports

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