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Family Business

The Knie dynasty, the eighth-generation family behind Switzerland’s famed national circus recently cracked the 200-year mark. Who says family businesses rarely last the distance?

Sweden’s iconic wooden toy company has been something of a slow train in a locomotive race, but has total faith in its plan to sideline its multi-million dollar debt and return to profitability by 2005

Cigars may be back in vogue but that’s of little concern to Villiger, the Swiss family business whose obsession with quality has elevated cigar production to an art form

Spot an opportunity and see it through could be the Khayyat family motto. But ‘one door closes and another one opens’ seems more apt for the canny family behind Meatco, Jordan’s masters of survival and economic opportunism

Corporate social responsibility sounds cool, but seems a contra­diction in terms in an ever-aggressive global business landscape. But it is part of the business remit for Bahrain’sKanoo Group of companies

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