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War Paint
By Lindy Woodhead, Wiley

Nick Fulford ambles through Europe’s largest indoor antiques market in search of his lifelong calling

BUSINESS FOR FAMILY BUSINESS: pre-nuptial agreements

Following US fashion, older generations of British family businesses are ushering successors to sign pre-nuptial agreements as part of the ownership transfer – even if the contracts aren’t legally binding in the UK. Melanie Stern reports

Holiday at the apex of style: visit the new breed of luxury brand resorts in some of the world’s stunning locations. Melanie Stern reports

Yusuf Bin Ahmed Kanoo is a diverse family-owned group of companies, founded in Bahrain in 1890 by Haji Yusuf bin Ahmed Kanoo. As group managing director of his 115-year old family company and chairman of the Bahrain Chamber of Commerce, Khalid Kanoo is a busy man

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