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The world’s smartest homes can be technological wonders. From swish high-definition home cinemas to curtains that open at the touch of a screen. Ian Peel meets Eoghan McCarron whose company has wired homes from Barbados to Hong Kong and Dublin

Divorce can throw everything out of kilter, especially if one partner insists on taking a chunk of the family business as part of a settlement. Andrew Drake outlines the issues, examines the implications and urges caution when considering a settlement

Divorce is not only a major personal trauma, it can also be amplified by the complexities and sensitivities surrounding settlements. Michael Drake suggests that although unpredictable, it is possible for the outcome to be satisfactory to all affected parties

Following US fashion, older generations of British family businesses are ushering successors to sign pre-nuptial agreements as part of the ownership transfer – even if the contracts aren’t legally binding in the UK. Melanie Stern reports

War Paint
By Lindy Woodhead, Wiley

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